4 things to consider before you take off

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4 things to consider before you take off | Doddle & Co™ | The Blog

Traveling with a baby, at first blush, is fairly terrifying. But as anyone with a baby knows, there’s a precious window of time when it’s actually a wonderful idea (let’s say from month 2 until they’re walking). So if you’re considering a trip—or already have something on the itinerary—a few things we suggest factoring in (based on many years of experience).

1. When deciding where to go, think about the climate.

You’re, by default, going to be weighed down with stuff, so in attempt to lessen the load, a place without dramatic temp fluctuations is much appreciated.

2. For the same reason (excess stuff) cities can often be complicated destinations.

They require lots of carriers and strollers and car seats to get around, and it can sometimes be difficult to get around due to crowds. This isn’t to say we don’t recommend them, but in our experience, the countryside, small villages and towns walkable exclusively by foot are lovely with a little one.

3. If you’re flying think about creating those mythical little “courtesy” packs for attendants and neighbors.

Fill a plastic baggie with snacks and a little note about your babe and that it’s their first flight. This has scored us extra seats (!), special attention, and very happy flight-mates. Highly recommended.

4. The search for family-friendly accommodations can sometimes seem impossible.

Thankfully kid & coe (like Airbnb but for families) makes finding the perfect location for you and the kids easy. With everything from private homes that are set up for your toddler (shout-out to this Kissimmee Florida residence that has a castle in the kid's room) to boutique resorts that will guarantee the kiddies are engaged at all times (check out this private resort in Anguilla with a built-in children's activity coordinator!), they take the guess work out of finding the right spot for you and your littles.  

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