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My baby loves this paci! I get compliments on it every where i go. The color is cool, and it stays clean longer than other pacifiers.


Great baby shower gift! Every mom I've bought them for LOVES these... no more dirty pacis!


We started our baby on other pacifiers but this one came out on top. The bright & fun colors make her eager to grab on.

Jenna V
★★★★★ soon-to-be-two-year-old loves the Chews! They have proven to be the perfect size for my little guy! I would give the Chew 5 stars.


[The Pop] actually helped his breastfeeding latch too!


I absolutely love this product! It took a couple of tries but once she got the hang of it she loved it.


So clever and modern! It's more gentle then I thought it would be, the bubble part is super soft. My twins love these!


Every germaphobe’s dream! They’re easy to clean with warm water, and soap.


They are so cute and modern looking and their color selection is amazing. I couldn’t be happier with their products.


which product is right for my baby?

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do you wince before tossing baby's pacifier in your bag?

Does your baby have teeth yet?

Does your baby put pacifiers in their mouth by themselves?

Do you use pacifiers primarily just for sleep?

something more feminine, or neutral?

Does your baby have teeth yet?

Does your baby have teeth yet?

the pop!

The Pop provides the extra peace of mind you need when caring for your newborn. When it lands in their crib or baby seat it stays popped and ready for baby. When it takes a larger tumble to the floor, the nipple pops back- saving it from unwanted surface contact. And you will love the built-in cover. Simply toss in the diaper bag and off you go!

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the pop & go!

Now that your baby has developed some motor skills, they’re ready for the Pop & Go. This is because the nipple firmly locks in the extended position (it is not designed to pop when it drops) which gives you better control of the nipple for a more active baby. The Pop & Go also includes a firmer nipple which is helpful for teething babies. Helpful for you? Being able to protect the nipple when it’s in your bag, on a pacifier clip or in your pocket. Quickly pinch the sides and the nipple will tuck away, no case needed.

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a poppable teether
the chew ®
Introducing an addictive new way to satisfy aching gums + busy hands. These modern teethers are sure to soothe babies + their parents.
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