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The 5-Second Rule Isn't Really a Thing.

Introducing The Pop®, the cleaner pacifier, from Doddle & Co®. Made from 100% silicone, the nipple pops back into its own self-protective bubble when it drops.

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If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you probably know we’ve been hard at work expanding our color palette (spoiler: there’s a lot of good stuff in the pipe). Our latest, Chin Up, Buttercup is a bright yellow that we—and the littles that have gotten...

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New things take time to warm up to. Any of these Q’s going through your head?

Is this the pacifier I saw on Shark Tank? (Spoiler: YES!)

Is a pacifier safe for my baby?

What’s the best way to help my baby take a pacifier or binkie?

How can this hygienic pacifier be cleaner and better for my baby?

This might be the easiest pacifier to clean ever. Anything I’m missing?

A new, modern pacifier sounds cool, but does it actually work?

How can I get my child to use this hygienic pacifier if they’re accustomed to their old soothie?

These new, modern, colorful pacifiers look so cute, but do they work?

A pacifier you don’t need to clean a million times a day? How does this hygienic binkie really work?

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