Is this the pacifier I saw on Shark Tank?

YES! Our appearance on ABC's Shark Tank aired on Season 9, Episode 19. We loved the experience, and we're so glad you found us! 

What is the advantage of a one-piece pacifier?

A one-piece pacifier is a bit more clean because the single-piece construction allows for no joints or cracks where dirt and bacteria can hide. #peekaboo #yuck

My baby is not using the pacifier, why?

They may need to get used to it. Like all toys and objects, introducing a new one into the mix can occasionally take some time. Help baby by keeping it visible, even when not in use. In our experience, curious little hands eventually explore and find they love it.

My baby can't keep it in their mouth?

If your baby is not grasping onto the nipple or spits it out after a while, then give it a rest and try again in a new setting or when they are more apt to try again. As with all pacifiers, if babe yawns, cries or falls asleep and relaxes their mouth the pacifier will fall. We wish we could design around this, but we aren't that good!

How do I get my baby to use the pacifier for the first time?

Introduce the pacifier when your baby is fairly calm and content. Touch the pacifier to their cheek. This should encourage them to turn towards the pacifier and suckle. This is a natural reflex that babies are born with. #mothernature

My baby likes the hospital pacifiers. Will this work?

Absolutely! And they may even like it better—fun colors, squishy texture, a shape that resembles a ball—we gave the design a lot of thought to make it extra-appealing to our discerning audience.

Does it matter if it gets dirty?

OK, so yes and no. This really depends on you. We’re not helicopter parents, we embrace a little exposure to the elements, and of course this is meant to keep all that nasty stuff out. Will you need to wash this paci? Yes, of course. But you’ll wash it one or two times per day versus 50.

When the pacifier drops, it gets hair or fuzz on it.

Sure. Hair and fuzz are definitely not in the category of “evil germ carriers” so we don’t suggest worrying too much about it. Again, you will need to wash this paci, just not 50+ times per day.

How do I clean the inside of the nipple?

For day-to-day cleaning, wash in a dishwasher or with warm soapy water and—very important—let it dry completely before each use. Give it a good shake to ensure water doesn’t get trapped in the nipple.

Can my baby eat or choke on this?

No! Of course we recommend checking the nipple before giving it to babe by pulling it in all directions. If the pacifier gets lodged in their mouth, don’t panic. Simply remove it, it was designed to be impossible for baby to swallow.

Can my dog/cat eat it?

We recommend keeping it out of their reach. If they do play with it, please check the entire pacifier for any punctures, tears or weakened areas and of course, discard if found!

Are the pacifiers and soothers available internationally?

Yes! Please click here to check our global stockists. Please email us to be added to our list, and we will circle back to find the best partners for all corners of the planet!


How do they work?

The Chew is a multi-tasking teether that soothes sore gums and has responsive bubbles that help develop baby’s motor skills. Constructed with our patented “pop” technology, the body of the teether includes fun “poppable” bubbles to keep busy hands happy.

What makes them different from other teethers?

Micro textures on the teething surfaces make it extra soothing, while the part that baby holds—the body of the teether—is as fun as playing with bubble wrap (but a bit better for babies). The hollow bubbles also make this teether easy for baby grip.

What if baby wants to teeth on the bubbles?

No problem! Let your baby do their thing. do you need to freeze them? Freezing it has not proven to be more effective in terms of soothing but if your baby likes it cold, go for it.

What ages are they good for?

Any. Even after baby has their chompers, they may want to use it as a toy and that’s A-OK with us!


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