6 things to pack for vacay

Angela Foddrill owns one of the most adorable shops in Portland, Maine: Little. 

Tea Collection, Bobo Choses, Birdling Bags, Oeuf, dozens of under-the-radar up-and-comers—she stocks everything you need for your stylish little ones. As a mother herself, and a resident of Portland which is basically like living in a vacation, we couldn’t think of a better person to ask about what we should be bringing on our summer getaways with our kids. Her definitive list, below…

1. Sunnylife floats

They’re adorable, fun for all ages—and the fact that they’re perfect props for an Instagram doesn’t hurt either.

2. Popsicle moulds

Making your own pops using fruit purees or yogurt is a great snack to keep on hand (and helps you avoid buying too many unhealthy snacks.

3. One-piece zip-up swimsuits

Keep that baby skin protected! These days, many have long arms for extra protection. They are easy to get in and out of—a feat because, as any mom knows, that’s the trickiest part usually.

4. Sun hat

Probably the most important accessory will be a wide-brimmed sun hat for covering up and protecting your babe from the sun.

5. A Clementine Kids reversible quilt

Throw over the stroller (if you’re bringing one), use it as a picnic blanket, or snuggle up with it on a chilly evening.

6. Supergoop

My 5 year old son is blonde and has very fair skin so the one thing we can't live without in the summer is a hat and loads of Supergoop.

Check out little on Instagram for daily doses of cute. 

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