big news for littles: meet the pop & go

At Doddle & Co. we have one mission: To make better products for babies. Today, we’re over-the-moon excited to unveil our latest, The Pop & Go: A pacifier for stage 2 of baby’s life (3+ months). The nipple only pops back when you manually push it back into its protective bubble, so it won’t pop when it drops.

Because we’ve learned that you—our customers and loyal community—want more control over the nipple as your baby grows and becomes more active. We’ve also noticed how much you love not needing a pacifier case when you’re on the go (because honestly what parent needs more stuff?).

We want to be a part of every stage of your baby’s life. We want to make your life easier. We want you to—gasp—love your baby’s stuff. Our Pop & Go is hopefully a step in that direction. Available in "Oh Happy Grey", "I Lilac You", and "Navy About You." (More colors coming soooon!) Shop it here. Oh and please share your thoughts on Insta. We love snaps, testimonials and feedback. #becausebabies


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