chin up, buttercup! introducing our newest shade—and exploring its significance

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you probably know we’ve been hard at work expanding our color palette (spoiler: there’s a lot of good stuff in the pipe). Our latest, Chin Up, Buttercup is a bright yellow that we—and the littles that have gotten to test-run them—have been really feeling. Maybe it’s that summer is in the air? And that the sun is shining (usually)? And that yellow has all sorts of fun significance. Like…

-Freshness, happiness, positivity -Increased mental activity (OK!) and energy (we’ll take it)

-When combined with black it’s one of the most identifiable color combos.
 See: school buses, taxis and bumble bees.

-Yellow gemstones are known for boosting clarity, concentration and aiding with decision-making

-They also offer relief from burnout, panic and exhaustion (HELLO!)

 We can’t say that our yellow paci will do any of the things above but...maybe?

 Pre-order yours today.



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