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how one mama found serious success with the pop

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how one mama found serious success with the pop | Doddle & Co™ | The Blog

This summer we were sent an email from a mama in Maryland, Hollie Kelly-Carroll. Her story about introducing The Pop to her son brought tears to our eyes—and we feel compelled to share it with you.

Her story, in her own words, below.

Note: Hollie's son is two-years old. Though our Pops are recommended for ages 0 - 6 months they are also completely safe for toddlers. 

My son is two-years old and has some developmental delays and behavioral concerns.

The behavior has made taking the pacifier away a distant future challenge, for now. The problem was his pacifier of choice was [one with a stuffed animal attached and it was] heavy, causing some teeth shifting. He would also talk through them and sleep with it stuck in his mouth. We tried all kinds of changes—from different pacifiers to different attachments, nothing worked and I was losing my mind.

Then a speech pathologist recommended your product.

I ordered a double set off of Amazon, feeling skeptical at best. [The] package arrived—I washed the green one, placed it on his train table and picked up all the other pacifiers. Ten minutes later he picked it up, popped it in for a minute and then put it down and walked away. I thought for sure we were going to have a meltdown at nap time and this was another waste of our already tight budget.

I was so very wrong. About 20 minutes after walking away, my son told me it was nap time, grabbed your pacifier, climbed up on my couch and passed out. This never happens. Then I watched it, the minute his mouth went slack from sleeping the pop fell out and he stayed still! [Editor note: This is how The Pop is supposed to function—it will fall out of baby's mouth when the jaw goes slack and that's a good thing!] Success number one!

I was so happy, if nothing else changed, I'd still be devoted to your pacifier. But a few hours later I saw the second, third and fourth successes that nothing else could provide; he has to remove this pacifier to talk, to eat and to drink—there's no way for him to maneuver it. [Editor note: Hollie had struggled in the past when her son refused to remove his pacifier even when speaking.] I took pictures, I called family and the doctor.

I was a non-believer who was definitely changed.

I am aware that these were not your primary reasons for designing this product. But the fact that you ended up with a sensory-friendly, behavior-changing, sanity-redeeming pacifier has made me so happy I had to share.

Thank you (x a million) for allowing us to share your heart-warming story, Hollie!

This is why we do what we do. If you have a story about your child using The Pop, please email us at

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