You Asked For It, We Made It: Introducing The New Pop

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You Asked For It, We Made It: Introducing The New Pop | Doddle & Co™ | The Blog

Every invention goes through an evolution—and our Pop pacifier got a little upgrade this fall with a few new features you specially requested. What specifically? Now better than ever, the nipple has a gentler pullback; it’ll only go back into its protective bubble when it takes a tumble to the floor. If it falls gently out of baby’s mouth on to their chest or crib, the nipple will stay extended and ready for them. Same everything else you already love: Modern colorful design, squishy texture, fun shape.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what you’ve been saying…

This is my go to baby shower gift. The colors are amazing, the design is so cool, perfect for mom's who don't want to give their home decor over to Fisher Price.” - BusyMomK

We love the pop! I was worried my little one would have a hard time using it based on other reviews, but it actually stays in ‘pacifier mode’ by itself and only pops back into itself once it hits a hard surface. It's totally genius and I love the cute colors!” - MomErinJane

This is my baby's fave paci by far. I quickly got the hang of ‘popping ‘ it out and locking it in place for my 4-month old so she could easily take over. I love how it pops back into itself just when I need it to.” - MamaCJ 

As always, we’re listening to you! Please share thoughts at Now get your new Pop and tell us what you think. Shop here.
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