Kids. Veggies. Solution.

In this recurring series we ask moms (who are experts in their fields) for solutions to common parenting riddles. Lindsey Laurain, founder of ezpz (genius one-piece placemat + plates for infants and toddlers) is quite adept in the ritual of family mealtime.

We picked her + her partner Tammy's brains.

Let’s ask the question on everyone’s mind: How do we get our kids to eat vegetables? 

Contrary to popular belief, we don't recommend masking vegetables. Instead, cater the texture or taste of the vegetables to what your toddler already likes. For example, if your toddler likes crunchy stuff, try kale chips or raw carrots. Or, blend the veggies into something your toddler digs (mac & cheese with cauliflower, perhaps?). It's important to say, "You're trying cauliflower today," for instance, so they know they like it and don't lose trust in their "feeder" (you!).

- Tammy, Lindsey's partner in crime (AKA boss lady of ezpz)

Any personal rituals you've developed around mealtimes? 

We try to sit around the kitchen table and enjoy one meal per day as a family. Also, ditch that highchair tray and pull baby up with the family!

- Lindsey, founder of ezpz

OK! Noted on both.

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  • Lara Michael

    Very informative. My son was recently diagnosed with ADHD through this ADHD assessment. Very hard for me to feed him healthy because he despises veggies and only eats it with cheese on it. Maybe ezpz can help me. Thanks for this!

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