Meet The Mama: Author + Wellness Coach Alex Elle (+ Enter Our Giveaway!)

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Meet The Mama: Author + Wellness Coach Alex Elle (+ Enter Our Giveaway!) | Doddle & Co™ | The Blog

If you aren’t familiar with Alex Elle get ready to spiral into a rabbit hole of inspiration and sisterly strength. She’s a mama of two (Charleigh, age 10; Ila, 7 months) and wise beyond her years. After our first call with her we felt we’d been through months of therapy in the course of just one hour (it’s been a doozy of a summer as you might know if you follow this space)! Yep, she’s just one of those magical humans who’s able to provide counsel and perspective exactly when and how you need it. So when we heard she hadn’t had success with the first version of The Pop but fell in love with the new (with a nipple that only pops back when it takes a tumble), we knew we had to team up! Meet Alex and then enter to win our Fall Refresh Sweeps including every color in our new collection of Pops (with those new features Alex fell in love with), two of our teethers and Alex’s new book, “Neon Soul.”

Hi Alex! Let’s get real. You’re a wellness counselor and always helping others work through their emotions. What's the stuff you've been working through, yourself, since you were young? Is there any? Or are you a unicorn?

Showing up and being my best self. As an almost 30-year-old woman, I have the language for it, but when I was younger (up until about age 22) I was just trying to figuring things out.

What do you think is the most important skill when navigating the role of "working parent"?

Making time for ourselves in the throes of life and parenthood—in relation to self-care, we need to nurture ourselves outside of our role of caretakers. We cannot pour from an empty cup. So just like I have my kids and family duties on the calendar, I have made it a practice to add my self-care time, too. Even if it’s just 5 minutes. That may sound minuscule but it is essential.

Is there a lesson you're always learning? Something you have to remind yourself of constantly?

My mantra these days has been: In order to be my best, I have to create time, energy, and space to recharge.

How do you make time for creativity? As a parent, it can be so difficult to prioritize simple pleasures that don't have monetary gain. What would you say to someone who is struggling with this?

Pencil yourself in. Literally.

What are the wisest words uttered to you by a child?

My oldest once told me, “It’s OK, mama. They are doing their best.”

What drew you to The Pop?

The innovation! I was wow’d by it. But Ila didn’t take to the first one. When I gave her the new version, it was hands-down everything I want in a pacifier. It’s functional, pops back into the bubble only when dropped, doesn’t startle the baby when she stops sucking and the nipple is the perfect size (doesn’t make her gag like other pacifiers have).  But I think she likes it because of the shape, color, and texture. And now that she’s teething, she’s even using it to soothe her gums. [ed note: Must send you The Chew!]

Your favorite Pop shade?

Chin Up, Buttercup.

Thank you Alex!

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