10 Tips For New Parents

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10 Tips For New Parents | Doddle & Co™ | The Blog

We're always getting asked how a new parent can best navigate the ups and downs of that first year (it's a ride!). So we tapped our co-founder, Nicki Radzely and wellness coach + author Alex Elle to share their quintessential advice.

  1. Accept help. Actually donʼt just accept it, ask for it. Give every person who visits you a job (theyʼll love it, this is a fact).

  2. Sleep. OK, not every time baby sleeps but you must take a nap, even just for 10 minutes, every day.

  3. Order food shamelessly. Take cooking off your list but do not take eating off it.

  4. Employ your partner. Youʼre a team, ask them to shoulder some of the to-do list.

  5. Listen to music you love with your little. Itʼll relax you both instantly.

  6. Forget perfection. It doesnʼt exist.

  7. Social media in moderation only. And definitely not before bed. Ever.

  1. Take pictures but donʼt become a professional photographer. Being present matters more. Your memories will be in focus.

  2. Connect with other moms. Nothingʼs more comforting than someone going through the same thing.

  3. Put yourself first. “You canʼt pour from an empty cup,” as they say.

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