Ready for your second babe? Read this.

“[My husband and I] always knew we would have at least two kids. It was a no brainer for us and we literally got pregnant as soon as physically possible after our first, Henry. He was 9 months old when we got pregnant!

Unfortunately, I think that was a little too soon after having my first and we ended up having a miscarriage. We waited another 3 months or so and tried again. That pregnancy went smoothly and we had our second baby boy, Wayne.

So our boys are 20 months apart. Honestly, we wouldn't change a thing about timing it that way. It ended up working out perfectly.”

- Jane

“Making it to my first born's first birthday felt like a true triumph. I couldn't believe that we all made it in one piece.

For always feeling as though I'd never be maternal, at that moment, I realized I actually was, in my own sort of way. I didn't know it until everyone was singing happy birthday and I welled up.

That moment I felt like I had reached motherhood fully and wanted to increase and multiply—I wanted more of that love. I want two tables at Thanksgiving!”



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