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Tétine. Binky. Soothie. (All code for sanity)

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Tétine. Binky. Soothie. (All code for sanity) | Doddle & Co™ | The Blog

So we get excited when it comes to factoids whether shared in one of our kid’s favorite books or the inside of an iced tea cap.

Like once we learned that New York City is home to more French restaurants than Paris! Is that still true? We don’t know but it stuck with us.

One paci-fact you may not know.

The term “binky” was coined by the Binky Baby Company of New York which manufactured baby products (and, yes, pacis) in the 1930s. It’s now owned by Playtex.

While it sounds like a term some baby once uttered that stuck, that’s just not so. Go figure.

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