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We Love You, Canada!

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We Love You, Canada! | Doddle & Co™ | The Blog

Becoming an international brand has been a dream of mine and my partner, Janna’s, every since we first conceived of Doddle & Company. So when we had a chance to launch in Canada with the help of Hip Mommies, and a guest list that included so many inspiring, cool, beautiful mamas, we were thrilled. And the timing couldn’t have been better, or worse, for me…

I’d experienced a loss in my family shortly before leaving. Those who know me know how close my grandmother was to me, and how much she influenced my approach to business and to life. She was completely humble and brave in her own way. She was a giant to me: A real woman who worked and sacrificed so much for nearly 100 years.

It’s been a whirlwind year, Janna and I work together every single day but based in separate cities, we see each other no more than 2 or so times a year, this being our 3rd time ever! We flew into Toronto for our launch party and it was that feeling of being reunited with someone you’ve known forever, only in this case we’ve been business partners for only a few years. Having her by my side allowed me to continue grieving, but also gave me permission to embrace the joy of this incredible partnership and launch into Canada.

All of this amounted to great hope for women. An insight, I’ve never truly felt before. That women make women stronger. Looking at our current moment in time and to the future and those inevitable challenges, I now know that we are truly giants. We are giants who are able to inspire one another. Albeit, quietly in our homes, during school pick up lines or in board rooms.

My grandmother taught me the grand gesture of listening. I immediately recognize this virtue between the women and mothers who come together and announce their big dreams they have for themselves. We are all so capable of being gracious to one another.

I’m reminded that life is really hard even when it’s absolutely wonderful…

Our launch party was absolutely brilliant: Over 25 women from the Toronto area celebrated with us in the super chic Cafe Cancan (lots of millennial pink). We couldn’t have imagined a better turnout or more love for our little pop. Being in the company of so many women that are putting themselves out there and taking really big personal and professional risks is super motivating and inspiring. For a moment, I looked around the room and thought “we’re all doing this.” Women are so humble and so worthy of a big win. We’re worried we will fail. We’re worried we will succeed. But we ultimately find such joy in supporting and lifting one another up!

Canada, you were a dream—one that has made such a lasting impression!

xx Nicki


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