your q’s: how can I get my baby to love the pop?

It takes time to warm up to new things, especially when it comes to babies who thrive on routine and familiarity.

New, modern pacifier? One that’s more hygienic than the rest? And has a nipple that pops into a protective bubble when it falls? Now that might take a few tries (or not, some babies take to them right away).

But we do have a few ideas on how to make the transition a touch smoother…

  1. Repetition. If at first they seem a bit perplexed, The Pop doesn’t look or function exactly like the hospital soothie they were first introduced to. Or if they didn’t receive a hospital soothie, a traditional pacifier. Either way, do not be discouraged if the first time isn’t seamless. By the third or fourth time you offer it up, in our experience, some magic happens.

  2. Participate. A trick for the first time is to put your finger into the nipple making it firm when baby first takes it. Once they start suckling, continue to keep your finger there for a few minutes. This gives them a chance to really understand and trust the product.  

  3. Visibility. Keep it around, near a favorite plaything or in their pack and play, or anywhere your baby likes to hang out. In our experience, curious little pre-crawlers are attracted to the bright colors and start reach for them—only to later realize how soothing they are to suck on.

  4. Explain. Even babies under six months of age are taking in all our vocal cues and explaining what The Pop is and how it works will delight and educate them (we’ve even experienced squeals of delight when showing it to some babies).


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