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Your Q’s: How Can This Hygienic Pacifier Be Cleaner and Better for My Baby?

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Your Q’s: How Can This Hygienic Pacifier Be Cleaner and Better for My Baby? | Doddle & Co™ | The Blog

We get asked about hygiene. A lot.

And the questions run the gamut from: “Is my current pacifier a germ-infested scrub?” (OK not exactly that but you get the idea) to “Are you germ freaks or what?!” Our response to both of these questions is a resounding, “NO!”

However we probably do need to explain ourselves.

If you’re not using The Pop, you don’t have a germ-y, grubby, blacklight-friendly monster on your hands. But you also are probably very accustomed to washing it many, many times a day. Or if you aren’t, you may keep a supply on hand, constantly fishing for a fresh one every time it inevitably falls out of your baby’s mouth. On the flip side, if you don’t wash it that frequently, apply the good old 5-second rule and haven’t had any issues, that’s fine too! We were probably in your corner not long ago. But we had a nagging belief that there are certain places a pacifier should not go and it is somehow magnetically drawn to those places (what is that?! Science?!). We also don’t believe in giving up time with our babies to wash a paci. So The Pop was invented as our solution. It’s hygienic—maybe the most hygienic pacifier to date—because the nipple doesn’t come in contact with surfaces. It’s such a simple thing: If the part that’s being suckled by your baby isn’t in contact with grime, it’ll be cleaner. It will be, arguably, better.

But it will also be practical: It’s not exclusively for germ-phobes because, well, yes it gets dirty sometimes!

Yes you do have to wash it sometimes! It does the job, it eliminates trips to the sink and it eliminates being too judicious with the questionable 5-second rule. To be honest, it’s for you, dear parents. The fact that babies love it is just a bonus.

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