Chew Critters Press Release

Doddle & Co debuts the chew™, a multi-use teether

The two moms who brought you the award-winning Pop pacifier have expanded their collection of best-selling Chew teethers. Meet the new lineup made to capture baby’s budding personality. They now have 5 different designs to choose from, each reflecting the unique personality of your babe.

Creepy. Crawly. Crazy effective. 

The patented poppable bubbles keep busy hands happy. So while it helps sore gums, it’s also a toy—kinda like bubble wrap (but way better).


For the babe who never wants to nap, wiggles out of your arms and moves industriously from one thing to the next.

social butterfly

For the life of the party—i.e. the babe with natural charisma who lights up the room with their smile.

slow poke turtle

For your old soul who views everything carefully, considered and with caution. They may take time to warm up to things, but are enduringly loyal.

hello sunshine! chew

For that happy-go-lucky babe that radiates joy. With the sunniest of dispositions, this one is always laughing, clapping and maybe even shrieking with excitement.

looks like rain chew

For the budding drama queen. This is for your emotional powerhouse who can literally cry you a river but manages to find the rainbow on the other side each time.

"After seeing parent's responses to the rain and sun teethers, I knew that this would only be the start of a fun, unique collection of teethers. The new critter collection was inspired by observing how the concept of "gross" doesn't exist in my toddlers minds. I feel like a tape recorder all day everyday- "don't eat that, don't touch that". So this collection is in honor of our inquisitive, fearless babies- creepy crawly things we don't mind if they pick up and chew!"

- Janna, Product Designer /  Inventor of The Pop and The Chew®

Available in three new styles: ant-icipation, social butterfly, and slow poke

the chew retails for $9.99.


Some other highlights…

Dishwasher safe

Refrigerating or freezing is optional (it’s effective at room temperature, too)

100% silicone. No PVC, BPA or phthalates

Responsive bubbles encourage fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination

Playful micro-textures massage sore gums (and entertain fingers)

Hollow bubbles are easy for baby to grab & hold on to


The brand

The brand has won national and international acclaim since their launch in 2017, having been featured on Shark Tank as well as winning the JPMA innovation award for The Pop®, their patented self-protecting pacifier. Their products are available at Nordstrom nationwide, Buy Buy Baby, Pottery Barn and hundreds of children’s boutiques across the country—as well as select shops in 14 countries.

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