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Doddle & Co.® announces the Pop & Go pacifier


From the award-winning brand that brought you The Pop® pacifier, comes The Pop & Go®, a quick way to enjoy case-free carrying for parents on the go.

[CITY, DATE]: On the heels of launching their award-winning pacifier, The Pop, Doddle & Co. brings you The Pop & Go, an easy and intuitive pacifier that requires no case to keep the nipple clean. In the brand’s signature bright, modern shades and with a sleek design, it’s unlike any other pacifier out there— not to mention the perfect solution for parents who feel bogged down by too many gadgets and accessories.

Doddle & Co., created by two moms—Janna Badger, an award-winning industrial designer and Nicki Radzely, an accomplished marketer— joined the ranks of the top 2% of female entrepreneurs to hit the million-dollar mark with “The Pop.” 

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“We started this company because we, as moms, noticed there were so many latent tools and tricks that we’d been relying on as parents that had never been questioned. We wanted to make them better—and also love our baby’s things by combining modern aesthetics with functional design.”

Nicki Radzely

Introducing the Pop & Go

  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Nipple manually pops back into its protective bubble.
  • BUILT-IN CASE: No need for a pacifier case or holder.
  • MADE FROM NATURAL & SAFE MATERIALS: 100% high grade silicone. No lead, PVC, BPA, latex, or phthalates.
  • RECOMMENDED AGE: Recommended for babies 3+ months.

How is this different from the Pop?

Their Pop & Go differs from their original Pop pacifier (with a nipple that popped back every time it took a tumble) as this nipple won’t bounce into its protective bubble until you manually push it back. It’s the perfect solution for parents who worry less about germs and more about convenience, this pacifier’s extended nipple means your baby will be able to pop it right back into its own mouth once they’ve developed a few motor skills. The Pop & Go also features a firmer nipple, ideal for babies 3+ months old.


About Doddle & Co

Soothing—and delighting!—babies and parents, the goal of Doddle & Co. has been simple from the start: To bring you products that make the day-to-day realities of parenting easier and way more fun. Started by two moms that believe some of those latent parenting tools and tricks can be approached differently. Co-founder Nicki Radzely has been in the business of growing businesses her entire career, as a successful marketer. Nicki resides in Montclair, New Jersey with her husband and two boys (and you may have seen her on Shark Tank strike a deal with Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary). Co-founder Janna Badger is an award-winning industrial designer, Janna dreamt up our very first product, The Pop, a self-protecting pacifier, after seeing so many frustrated moms offering up soiled pacis to their babies when no sink was around. While living in Seoul, Korea, Janna launched Doddle & Company with Nicki over Skype. Today Janna lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her 3 children and husband.

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