- Pop & Go - FAQs

What is The Pop & Go?

It’s a self-protecting pacifier that has a built-in case so you can keep it clean on-the-go, without any additional cases or covers.

What makes the Pop & Go different from The Pop?

  • First of all, the nipple does not pop back when it drops to the floor. Instead it stays put so it’s always ready for your baby.
  • However, like the Pop the nipple does pop back when pinched, so you can use it for case-free carrying when you’re on the go.
  • The nipple is constructed of slightly firmer silicone which makes it great for teething babies.

Why The Pop & Go?

  • No more digging around for lost pacifier cases—this one includes a built-in case to protect the nipple when you’re on-the-go.
  • The built-in case easily protects the nipple (even while clipped to baby!).
  • Features the same natural nipple size & shape baby loves, in a firm silicone.

What ages is it good for?

The Pop & Go is designed for babies 0+ months, and is safe to use even after baby gets teeth. We recommend consulting with your pediatrician about when the best time is for your baby to wean.

Does it pop out of their mouth?

Nope. The nipple can only pop back manually. You must squeeze the mouthguard for the nipple to recede.

Can a baby pop the nipple in place?

It’s designed for Mom & Dad to pop it out before giving it to baby, but toddlers and older babies with developed motor skills can do it too.

How does it work?

It’s pretty darn easy and intuitive but here’s the breakdown.

Step 1: Press the nipple to lock it into place.

Step 2: Pass it to baby.

Step 3: For case-free carrying, pinch and roll the mouthguard between your fingers to hide the nipple away.

Why is the Pop not available in my country?

Different products are available in different countries, due to varying international regulations.

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