Born To Be Wild Bundle

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Pop & Go Pacifiers (Style)
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A curated assortment of products for gifting (or just efficiency). Products arrive together and can be easily given separately or as a group.

This bundle includes:

Ant-icipation™ teether

The Pop & Go™ Pacifier in Cream of the Crop™
+ Coal Mate™ Twin-Pack


Doddle’s 100% silicone teethers are ready to brighten baby’s day.
Each design features fun poppable bubbles - providing entertainment for busy fingers rain or shine!

soothing and entertaining

rain or shine

highest safety standards

100% silicone

Our plastic-free design is safer for the planet, and safer for baby.

one-piece construction

No cracks for dirt to hide, or chance of parts separating.

dishwasher safe

Unlike plastics, silicone won't leach chemicals when heated

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