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As Seen on Shark Tank!
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The Chew

Hello, Sunshine $ 9.99

The Chew

Hello, Sunshine $ 9.99

The Chew teethers are currently on pre-order.

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Anticipated ship date: Spring / May 2018

Soothing rays provide gum relief, poppable bubbles keep hands busy (like bubble wrap, but better)

  • Seriously soothing teether for gums—with the added bonus of our patented “pop” technology for busy hands
  • Responsive bubbles encourage fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination
  • Hollow bubble are easy for baby to grab & hold on to
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Refrigerating or freezing is optional (it’s effective at room temperature, too)
  • 100% silicone. No lead, PVC, BPA, latex or phthalates.
  • Playful micro-textures massage sore gums (and entertain fingers)

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